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Apothecary's Drawer Cabinet

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Sourced from Northern India, this is an impressive early 20th Century apothecary's drawer cabinet that once was filled with herbs, spices and medicine. 

There are 56 drawers with their original iron handles. Made of teak, the golden finish to the wood is to be admired as well as the patina from years of use. We have simply brushed and cleaned the drawers out. The back leg supports have been braced with iron brackets in a previous repair but this is an extremely sturdy piece of furniture. 

The piece is in two sections. The top half of the cabinet has removable shelves and for ease of transport we will also pack the drawers separately, which have been labelled as each seems to be have been made to fit its individual opening!

Dimensions: 184 cms wide x 64 cms deep x 242 cms high

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