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1920s Glamour: Wedding Venue Transformation

Posted by Richard Smith on

How do you transform a large community centre into a wedding reception for 80 people styled with a 1920s Great Gatsby look? Quite simply with metres and metres of fabric and a feat of suspension engineering!

When the couple presented their brief to style the reception the room we saw the challenge ahead. A huge clinical space, 15x15 metres with large ceiling skylights and 4 suspended industrial air vents meant that the 1920s ambience would require some gargantuan skills in transformation.

Without some serious imagination the room would have stayed a modern, functional but ugly community hall. Working within budget, we designed a series of fabric panels in black and gold, the chosen wedding colours, to essentially create the sense of a marquee and with a proposed suspension technique that was respectful of the building.

A huge black ceiling panel was created to hide the skylights, the air vents and the iron girders which we then balanced with a stunning gold satin back drops, black satin side panels balanced with gold swags to bring the room in. Together with the art deco style subdued lighting, an old chandelier injected a burst of luxurious glamour.

Vintage china, gold ballroom chairs and bespoke designed napkins completed the transformation.

A truly amazing transformation ensured the newlyweds celebrated in the 1920s style they had envisaged, but perhaps never dreamed that could have been so utterly achieved.

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