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Top Ten Tips for creating a beautiful bohemian interior!

Posted by Richard Smith on

So you might not be living in a commune rattling around a rambling old house in Stoke Newington, dressed in a silk housecoat and working on an extremely important artistic endeavour, but why not embrace a little unconventional living in your life? You’ll be the interior envy of all your friends.

Here's our top ten must haves for a truly boho home:

1. Indulge your interior gardener. Think lush tropical palms, hanging creepers, prehistoric plants not to mention pots, oh the pots...

2. Go cushion shopping right this minute. Tribal prints, bird and botanical motifs, velvet, silk, quantity, not quality is your guide.

3. Channel your inner spiritual zen with a calm, meditative ambience in the bedroom invoking your exotic travels to far off lands.

4. Embrace a strong injection of pastel in your scheme for a more contemporary feel especially if you like dark, moody rooms. 

5. Go low whilst you're still young. Consider low seating, East Asian low tables and bring everything down a level. 

6. Boho homes should have an air or mystery and suggest things to be discovered. Play with perception and light and fill your home with interesting mirrors. 

7. Whilst you consider that Head Curator application for the V&A, practice on your own interior and spend a happy weekend hanging your art collection.

8. Turn storage into an item of beauty that as well as showing how well travelled you are will also wow your Instagram fans.

9. Mix texture, fabrics, patterns. Select what you love. 

10. For the crowning glory of your scheme, every boho home should include a stuffed bird, preferably a peacock.

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