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Cabinets of Curiosities

Posted by Richard Smith on

Since the beginning of time we have searched and appropriated items for our basic survival as well as simply just to covet items of natural beauty. I’m sure our primitive ancestors would have collected shells along the beach and marvelled at that which can be hoarded and admired.

Collecting goes hand in hand with exhibiting. We’ve all peered into cabinets, piqued by curiosity to discover what lies within. Memories sealed in photos, souvenirs acquired on travels, shells, skeletons, miniature models, religious artefacts, relics, timepieces…the list goes on.


Cabinets of curiosities herald back to the Renaissance when they were created to demonstrate an individual’s status, a glimpse of their intellectual prowess and a window into their sage interests. A form of self-promotion and propaganda not dissimilar to linked in and Facebook today perhaps?


On my last buying trip I recall being startled at the number of cabinets on my list. It’s true I have a weakness for them, but they are so wonderful for being so versatile. From miniature museums to grand porcelain showpieces, I wanted to make sure we had something for every home. Visit the Smith & Stocking collection of cabinets and find a home to showcase your curiosities!

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