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It’s difficult to identify the genesis of my passion or should we say obsession? My inquisitiveness for interiors and architecture may have originated in the teenage explorations of an abandoned Gothic Strawberry Hill mansion that lay just across the fields from where my parents still live. The house was derelict even then but echoes of it’s former life remained in the stone windows, the flying staircase and the small chapel with the graves of treasured pet dogs, loved and lost many years before.

I later discovered old photos of the interiors and I poured over them for hours recreating the rooms from those ghostly spaces I had trespassed into, restoring the furniture, rehanging the vast velvet drapes and replacing the huge palms; an interior designer in the making.

Stacks of interior magazines, hours sourcing the right piece, painstaking period restoration, arranging, rearranging and then rearranging again. Fast forward through these years of interiors obsession and I arrive at Smith and Stocking. Finally, my career in financial services customer marketing could no longer dissuade me from my long held dream and what I used to do after work has now become an everyday reality.

Simply put, Smith and Stocking is a shop filled with beautiful things to transform living spaces and offers the ability to call on years of experience in decorating rooms, sourcing treasured objects and putting together interiors that inspire, intrigue and most of all give joy to those that inhabit them.


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